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Protein information

Protein name Probable RNA-binding protein YHL024W 
Gene name YHL024W .
Source Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker's yeast)
Expression system Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker's yeast)
Full length  713
Precursor  no
Mature form length  713
Molecular weight (Da)  80109
Swiss-Prot Sequence Version  February 1, 1995 (Sequence version 1)



Ubiquitylation features

Ubiquitylation site  

Ubiquitylation type Multiple ubiquitylation
Features Not determined

Ubiquitylation/deubiquitylation machinery

E2 Not determined
E3 Rsp5
E4/AP Not determined
DUB Not determined
Comments Not determined


[1]Kus B, Gajadhar A, Stanger K, Cho R, Sun W, Rouleau N, Lee T, Chan D, Wolting C, Edwards A, Bosse R, Rotin D:
A high throughput screen to identify substrates for the ubiquitin ligase Rsp5. J.Biol.Chem. 2005, 280:29470-29478.


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