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Protein information

Protein name Calmodulin 
Synonyms CaM
Gene name CMD1 , YBR109C , YBR0904 .
Source Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Baker's yeast)
Full length  147
Precursor  no
Mature form length  147
Molecular weight (Da)  16135
Swiss-Prot Sequence Version  January 1, 1988 (Sequence version 1)


PDB 1F54 , 1F55 , 1LKJ .

Ubiquitylation features

Ubiquitylation site  

Ubiquitylation type Not Determined
Features Crude yeast ubiquitin-calmodulin ligase (uCaM-synthetase; EC conjugated ubiquitin Ca(2+)-dependently to yeast and bovine calmodulin. Yeast calmodulin was also a substrate for uCaM-synthetase from rabbit reticulocytes.

Ubiquitylation/deubiquitylation machinery

E3 Not determined
E4/AP Not determined
DUB Not determined
Comments Experiments with methylated ubiquitin in the heterologous reticulocyte system indicate that, as with vertebrate calmodulins, only one lysine residue of yeast calmodulin reacts with ubiquitin so that the incorporation of multiple ubiquitin molecules will lead to a polyubiquitin chain.


[1]Jennissen HP, Botzet G, Majetschak M, Laub M, Ziegenhagen R, Demiroglou A:
Ca(2+)-dependent ubiquitination of calmodulin in yeast. FEBS Lett. 1992, 296:51-56.
[2]Parag HA, Dimitrovsky D, Raboy B, Kulka RG.
Selective ubiquitination of calmodulin by UBC4 and a putative ubiquitin protein ligase (E3) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. FEBS Lett. 1993, 325:242-246.


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