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Protein information

Protein name Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase A  
Synonyms EC
Muscle-type aldolase
Lung cancer antigen NY-LU-1
Gene name ALDOA , ALDA .
Source Homo sapiens (Human)
Expression system MCF-7
Full length  363
Precursor  no
Mature form length  363
Molecular weight (Da)  39289
Swiss-Prot Sequence Version  April 1, 1988 (Sequence version 1)


PDB 1ALD , 2ALD , 4ALD .

Ubiquitylation features

Ubiquitylation site  

Ubiquitylation type Not Determined
Features Not determined

Ubiquitylation/deubiquitylation machinery

E2 Not determined
E3 Not determined
E4/AP Not determined
DUB Not determined
Comments Not determined


[1]Vasilescu J, Smith JC, Ethier M, Figeys D:
Proteomic analysis of ubiquitinated proteins from human mcf-7 breast cancer cells by immunoaffinity purification and mass spectrometry. J.Proteome.Res. 2005, 4:2192-2200.


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